Erik Bünger, Soda_Jerk, Willoh S. Weiland (APHIDS) and OtherFilm

Curated by Will Foster

Friday 23 January – 15 March 2015

Opens Thursday 22 January 6-8pm


TRILOGIES brings together three major bodies of work produced over the past decade by Swedish (Berlin-based) artist Erik Bünger, Sydney (New York-based) duo Soda_Jerk and Melbourne-based Willoh S. Weiland (Aphids).

Curated by Will Foster, the three trilogies exist as video installations, audio works and live performances. Sampling popular culture and working at the intersection of music, performance and film, the artists delve into ideas around lived and recorded histories, science fiction and science fact, inner and outer space, and antique and current technologies.

Written on Tablets of Flesh (2007-13) by artist and composer Erik Bünger is trilogy of speculative essays, presented both as videos and as lecture performances. These works revolve around the human voice and its contradictory relationship to the body, to language, to music and to technology.

Dark Matter (2005-2012) by Soda_Jerk is concerned with personal and historical experiences of time, and how these relations are mediated by screen technologies. Each work in the series takes the form of a séance fiction where encounters are staged between the past and future selves of a deceased screen star.

As the Artistic Director of Aphids, Willoh S. Weiland has developed Space Trilogy (2008-2015), a series of projects that investigates the relationship between art and outer space. Forever Now, the final work from the trilogy, is a collection of artworks created to communicate to outer space. Contributed and collected from 118 different countries, Forever Now is intended as a sequel and an update to the visionary Voyager Records sent into space in 1977.

In response to the exhibition, the collective OtherFilm addresses the presence of the archive as both a source and subject of the three trilogies. Their response, Natural Selections; a resource room, engages the National Film and Sound Archive via an exploration of a set of 16mm film prints posed as “case studies”. The project seeks to draw each film print’s identity out of the larger collection through the print’s official records in combination with the lived knowledge of the managers, film study officers, acquistioners, historians and teachers who have been temporary custodians of the print throughout its life.

A suite of Learning and Public Programs will run alongside the exhibition, including lecture performances, presentations, gallery tours and workshops.

TRILOGIES exhibition team

Curator: Will Foster
Assistant curator: Simone Mugavin
Installation: Lachlan Petras, Danea Valenza
Graphic design: Rebecca Mccauley
Website: Useful Art Services
Volunteers: Indra Haas, Sean Milesm Sophie Thomson, Nigel Guy, Colin Forbes-Abrams